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Underground Forever is the long awaited and highly anticipated album from Mr. Sche. Features Immortal, Al Kapone, Tom Skeemask & Nasty Nardo. Real music for the streets! Dark Buck & Crunk!

Track Listing

 1. I Have Come
 2. Undaground Forever
 3. We Can Get It!!
 4. A Dirty World
 5. Dark Buck & Crunk!
 6. Welcome To Da Undaground!
 7. I’ll Always Be A Real Ni**a
 8. Still Ridin Clean
 9. Get Buck, Get Crunk!
 10. Bring It Ova Here!
 11. In Da Hood
 12. Rob Me A Stunner!
 13. Full Time Hustle
 14. Mix It Up!
 15. Smokin That Weed
 16. Feel That Smoke
 17. I Just Wanna Hit That
 18. No Strings Attached

Mr. Sche – Underground Forever

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