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Mr. Sche presents the debut album from Trouble Mob entitled Fast Lane. You got to have more than guns and muscle to survive in the streets. Your wits and gut instincts will be your best friend. There is no honor among thieves, just thieves. Good guys finish last, and die first. Never wear your heart on your shoulder, and try to forget you even have one. The grind ain’t pretty, and the odds are always against you. Stay true to yourself, because that’s the only person that will ever care. WELCOME TO THE FAST LANE!

Track Listing

 1. Fast Lane (Sche, Komatoze, Mr. 4twenty, Dmanik)
 2. I Get It How I Can (Sche, Komatoze, Mr. 4twenty)
 3. This Aint Whatcha Want! (Sche, Komatoze)
 4. Dead Or Alive (Komatoze, Sche, Mr. 4twenty, Pimp)
 5. F*ck With Us (Dmanik, Komatoze, Sche)
 6. Ever Give Up (Komatoze, Sche)
 7. Survivor (Komatoze, Sche, Dmanik)
 8. Breath (Sche, Komatoze, Mr. 4twenty)
 9. Life Aint Hard (Sche, Dmanik, Komatoze, C-Mob)
 10. All I Know (Komatoze, Sche)
 11. Thug Holiday 2 (

Mr. Sche Presents Trouble Mob – Fast Lane

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